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Delivering Art Across The World - Devote Yourself To Art

RockingMouse is a global connection platform that brings foreign writers and performers together for the purpose of delivering art across international borders. Our mission is to proliferate the creative works of independent songwriters, classical composers and/or freelance writers by providing a forum through which global writers and multi-national performers can collaborate with each other and join interests.

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All musicians and allied professionals are welcome to post with us now. This site is no longer in a state of development, but rather went live in May of 2013. We have removed all sample profiling and are posting only real artists now. Look at some of these profiles. They take a minute to create, […]

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Requesting Original Video


RockingMouseMedia was created a couple months ago. It is a YouTube channel. We want to broadcast videos made by our clients in one central area where YouTube viewers can just come in and see the latest and greatest work by our promising artists. Now, you have heard that YouTube is progressing into the mobile world […]

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